Gods at War by Kyle Idelman

Man was created to bow. That is the central statement and this book pulls no punches. I, like many of you, thought I was safe. I mean, surely I’m not an idolator. That’s the stuff of the Old Testament. Or my unsaved neighbors, or that weird church in another city, or maybe that tribe in the Amazon. Definitely not me! But oh how I was wrong. 

            I received a free copy of Gods at War to review for Booksneeze with some presumptions. But not far into reading the book I knew that this was a wake up call from my complacency. I know that anything that takes the place of God in my life is in fact an idol, but somewhere I lost perspective and wasn’t seeing those things that I had allowed to encroach on the ruling seat of my own life. This book pulls back the covers and reveals those things that have remain hidden because they seem good. Things like achievement, romance, food, even family. Anything that comes before God is an idol no matter how pretty it looks or good it seems.
            Finally, when we have weeded out all the other false gods in our lives we have to pull down the most difficult one: me. It may be the hardest one to fight. We must fight the god of me everyday. But as the author restates over and over throughout the book, an idol cannot be displaced, it must be replaced. The only proper replacement is Jesus.
            I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially if you think it doesn’t apply to you. I can assure you that it most certainly does have relevance and application to life. The author brings correction with a gentle hand. With properly placed humor and real life stories from modern and Biblical sources you will feel compelled to look at your own life and pull down some idols.


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