The Little Brown Boy Grows Up

Today I did something I've never done before...ever. I became the mother of an adult, a twenty year old man. Gasp! When did this happen? I mean I've been a lot of different kinds of moms. Here's the continuing list:

1) Teen mom
2) Unwed mom
3) Mom of a mixed child
4) Single mom living with her parents
5) Dating mom
6) Married mom
8) Homeschool mom
9) "Your mom goes to college" mom
10) Mom of six kids and of course, 1 kid, 2 kids, 3 kids, 4 kids, and 5 kids
11) Soccer mom (for a short time)
12) Mom of teens
13) Working mom

and the list goes on...

But today I linger with a tear in my eye, looking back down the road we've come with this boy now a man. Happy Birthday Anthony!


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