Book Review: Intentional Parenting by Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan

Some books come along at just the right time. I picked up my free copy of Intentional Parenting to review for Booksneeze thinking it would be light reading. As usual, I was wrong. My husband and I feel like we might just have this parenting thing down and then boom one of the kids does something that causes us to pause and rethink our plan of action.

I loved this book because it joined Biblical viewpoints with modern parenting problems. While I know that God’s Word has all the answers sometimes I need a little help in finding them, especially when it comes to parenting. Instead of bogging me down with lists of things I need to change or strive for, the authors loving encourage the reader to seek new perspective in day to day struggles. With practical suggestions and real life applications, you will feel like you can do all things, even raise kids! The final chapter summed it all up by reminding me that God has not just left us with a bunch of rules to follow, but through Jesus He has freed us to live the life He called us to.

This veteran mommy took away so much from this book, I am deeply grateful for and revived in my calling as a parent.


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