Book Review: Fit To Burst by Rachel Jankovic

A few years ago I got my hands on Rachel's first book, Loving the Little Years, and I absolutely loved it. When I saw this new release I couldn't wait to jump right in. The Subtitle of this book is: Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of Motherhood. That about sums up parenting in my house. While I have an almost 20 year old son and a senior in high school that I've managed pretty well, I still have a couple of tinies and any parent will tell you that any little bit of help can't hurt.

I love Rachel's writing because as she tells you herself, she has not "arrived." She is still in the midst of parenting her little people and is learning daily how to make it all right. That's how I feel every day. Her books always touch the ordinary things and bring a bit of shine to them with the eternal perspective she brings.

As mommies, we can fall into the trap of the mundane, thinking that what we do is too routine to make any difference. Rachel reminds us that what we do at home counts.


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