Good Things

Marriage is one of the most difficult journeys I have ever set out on, second only to parenting and ministry which are tied for the next slot. Today Joshua and I celebrate 18 years of traveling together down this road. I must say that there is something about sticking with something and not giving up no matter what. This has in no way been any easy endeavor for either of us. We disagree on a regular basis on the most basic of things, we get on each others nerves, we have broken one another's hearts in various ways. The thing that keeps us together and moving forward is our mutual commitment to the end result. We want to beat the odds, and make it as a couple regardless of the obstacles. Being a good example to our children, showing others that a Christian marriage can work, these are the things that keep us hanging on. Besides the fact that we are still madly in love and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think to myself how very lucky I am to have this crazy guy in my life.


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