Valentine's Day Books

This year I requested just about every Easy Reader having anything to do with Valentine's Day from both our local library and the school. Here are a few that we enjoyed.

This book is about a little girl who loves to make crafts and goes a little overboard with her valentine box. Sounds like a little girl I know! She even forgets to make Valentine cards for her friends, but the day is saved when she realizes that she actually does have something to give each one.

Amelia Bedelia as a little girl reminds me a lot of Emari, what with her taking everything literally and such. Always a fun read.

A beautiful vintage book with gorgeous pictures, and the story is well told. A little boy makes golden arrows, but never uses them to shoot his friends, the forest animals. The king demands it of him so that he can have a gift for the princess he is courting, but the boy refuses and is thrown in the dungeon. Everything turns out for everyone in the end. When it was over Emari asked if it was a true story and if it was where Valentine's Day comes from. I guess we'll have to find one.


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