Snow Surprise!

When I moved to North Carolina I soon realized that there were some extremes of weather here that were very off my normal experiences. I was used to California where the place that it snowed had the equipment to handle it and the people were pretty much used to that. Rain was a sprinkle, not a downpour that would soak you to your skin before you made it out to the car. But, NC is different. Any change in weather and we are closing things early, delaying openings, driving like snails, and stocking up on bread, water and batteries. I have come to love this reaction and love it when we have the opportunity to change from our normal day and enjoy the surprise.

Yesterday the snow snuck up on us. I had taken our dog out in the morning in my robe and barefoot. By the afternoon, there were snow flurries in our backyard and our kids went nuts. In our neighborhood, not much stuck so there were no real snowball fights or snowmen, but it was beautiful to watch it fall. Before the library closed early due to the winter weather advisory, I was able to grab a few books for the kids. Here is what we found and we thoroughly enjoyed each one.

The snow is all gone today, but these books helped us not to feel so sad to see it melt away.


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