More Valentine Books...

Finishing up on my manic assault on the library this week, we read several more great Valentine books.

Again the idioms were lost on Emari who was simply enraptured by the flaps on each page. I guess we're suckers for interactive reading. This book was simply fun.

A little boy writes a valentine for each special person in his life from pets to siblings. The kids liked the rhyming verse and the colorful pages.

This book answered Emari's question of how Valentine's Day started in a simple and straightforward way. Also, it included instructions on how to make homemade valentines which Emari loved so much she fell asleep looking at it.

This was a lovely story of two people secretly in love with each other and how it all worked out in the end. The setting is a coastal town, so I might be a little partial, but I loved the story.


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