Madame Blueberry Turns Six

I will never forget the first time I saw Emari-Melina. She looked like a big, beautiful squalling blueberry. Sounds interesting you say? Well, let me explain. She was the fifth installment in my attempt to break the world's record in largest baby ever delivered. My doctor actually induced me two weeks early to keep us from breaking the record (hater) and she still managed to weigh in at over 9 pounds. Did I mention that on the delivery room table we had a little complication the doctor likes to call shoulder dystocia and mommies like to call, "I think I'm gonna die." In reality, its when the baby's head is delivered but the shoulders get stuck. Fun times. Long story short, Emari was delivered in what was nothing short of a miraculous intervention of godly wisdom on my doctor's part and I am quite certain that the Godhead in all three forms Father, Son and Holy Spirit, was present in that delivery room. Her middle name is Trinity and I didn't understand why I wanted that name for her until after the birth and it all became clear as crystal.

A few years ago, we were at a ministry conference with Emari and staying in an atrium room overlooking the services. While mommy and daddy were basking in the Lord's presence, Emari managed to get her head wedged between the column and railing and needless to say began screeching down over the holy proceedings below. People ran up to help us and a wonderful lady pulled me aside as I was comforting our rescued child and told me that she had a prophetic word that our daughter would get her head into places that she might need our help getting her out of. We needed to have the Father's love for her to give her grace and send her in the direction that God had for her.

Here we are and the blueberry is turning six and opinionated as all get out and getting her hard headed self into so many scrapes already. Just this month she has seriously cut herself with a knife trying to slice up an orange instead of asking for help, and she cut her own hair because she said she got too much attention with her long hair and thought that some of the other girls might need some of that attention she had been getting. What is this wonderful creature that God saw fit to bestow upon us?  I know that the party has just started and we are only getting the easy stuff right now. God grant us Your grace, You truly are the expert on dealing with a hard headed and stiff necked people.


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