I think that I should have learned by now that just as soon as I start feeling comfy and cozy in a situation, God's gonna come over and mess it all up! You think that maybe you're in a new season and calm and tranquility can prevail, but oh no. No laying down on the job around here. Getting married to my husband is a roller coaster of activity anyway. I went from a house that sipped tea in the afternoons, and listened to classical music and Gordon Lightfoot. We were church attenders and took long leisurely drives just because we had the time. Not so in the Goodman household. We drink coffee at night to keep us awake for whatever high impact activity we got ourselves into. We rock out to country, rap, jazz, worship, what have you, but always at the highest volume the stereo can produce. Church attendance is at every event, most times one to two hours prior to said event because we are the ones in charge of the event. We get into the car when we have a clear and direct purpose for going somewhere.

Whew! I am in my second year of teaching fourth grade and absolutely love it. I love the kids, I love the curriculum, I love the school. But this is my last week in with the little guys. On Monday, I am moving on up to sixth grade. Boom! Totally different in every way possible. I don't wanna, and yet I can't say no. I don't want to have to adjust to new surroundings and new people and greater expectations. Yuck!

But, since I know that God is in control of ALL things, even the little seemingly insignificant things like which class I teach, I can rest knowing its gonna all work out. Just like all of the other changes that He has forced upon me in the past, this is going to strengthen me, stretch me, empower me to be a better vessel for His use. That's what it's all about anyway right?


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