Bathsheba-Bathed In Grace by Carol Cook

Do you ever wonder how God could ever use you when you have so many flaws and have so many imperfections? I know that I do. This book details the stories of eight women who were truly scandalous by ancient and modern definition. The reader witnesses the events unfold for Bathsheba, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Tamar, and Eve through the main characters' eyes. Each story follows the Biblical account, and yet adds enough detail to pull the reader in to each scenario. You will feel the anger, heartache, bitterness, and joy as the first person accounts are laid bare. Your eyes will be opened to new facets of stories you have read countless times and yet never really took the time to think twice about.

I have always loved historical fiction and even more so, biblical historical fiction. sent me a free copy of the book to honestly review and I really enjoyed the reading. The stories of women of the Bible intrigue me and this book brought so many of my favorites to life. Each story drew me in and made me relive each detail from the familiar account. The details and historical accuracy made it come to life. The author did not take too much liberty in my opinion with the things she added and my imagination was pulled along. I especially enjoyed the development of each character. The book challenged me in my own walk with the Lord as I struggle with finding His will for my life. I'm looking forward to reading the next eight stories in the sequel to come and recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction.


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