Ball and Chain

Most people when asked about their time would admit that they are way too busy. Busyness permeates our society and rules our week. I'm a working mommy of six kids and pastor's wife. All of my "free" time belongs to somebody else. I was blog hopping a few weeks ago and found a recommend for this book and it really jumped out at me that it was divinely timed for me to read it now when within the first chapter the author wrote about kairos time. My husband had just begun a series of sermons on the very same subject. Kairos is not just time, but a specific time, like "such a time as this" time. So this book was a kairos time book for me.

In reading it, I was freed from the feeling that I always have to say yes to be a good person, and reminded that God desires for me to spend each day talking to Him about what I should do with each moment. It was so awesome to read that it is perfectly alright to do nothing on my days off. I don't have to get some project done or beat myself up about taking time to just be still. In fact, that's what sabbath days are all about! Resting from the work done, and revamping for the week ahead.

Don't allow time to be a tyrant, seek God for each day and follow His leading.


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