Book Nostalgia

I don't what's come over me, but I'm on a rampage of rememberings. I have six children and have loved reading to them and sharing my love of books, but it has not been until this past few weeks that I have had this surge of childhood memories wash over me. I want to read all the classic books that I didn't get to read and all that I remember having read to me. Zion and Emari are great little guys to read to. They ask all kinds of questions and interrupt the story and fight over seeing the pictures. I love it because they are really listening and I get to share this love that I have with them.

 My momma was a beast about reading to me. My earliest memories are of walking out to the mailbox to get books from the numerous book clubs she had me signed up for, and weekly reader book orders and book fairs were always going to be hit up. There was a wonderful old library in our town when I was very little. It had a huge (to me) roaring fireplace and the children's section was in the basement and I still recall rainy days and the smell of books and not feeling like I could ever get to all of the amazing words that were at my disposal. The sound of her voice as she read to me and the comfort of her lap cannot be put into words. It is just an indelible picture in my mind's eye.

I caught a brief glimpse of a book that I loved as a kid and couldn't ask for help finding it at the library because I couldn't recall for the life of me the title or the author or anything else but the way it made me feel. I love google because you can type in "panda classic children's book" and can find exactly what you're looking for in a matter of seconds. Panda Cake is the book's title and its out of print and a good copy is going for something like $150 on Amazon right now. Oh how I wish I would have saved that book when mom told me to go through our old books. Apparently that book club I was enrolled in put out a ton of awesome books that all of us kids of hippies love now that we don't have them anymore.

There's just something about a good book that is timeless and priceless. Thank you mom for sharing that love with me.


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