Just this week my husband and I were talking about sticking around a marriage and wading through the garbage to obtain the glory. You never know what you're gonna get when you marry someone, life is full of surprises. I do recall one of our first moments when right after getting the call that his mom was getting a liver transplant Josh rushed over to my house. My mom opened the door and immediately knew something was wrong, so much so she actually let him talk to me in my room. Gasp! He was sitting there on my bed with a look on his face that I had never seen on him before. He told me what was going on and included a bunch of warnings that this was gonna be really hard. I stood there thinking that he was giving me an option to back out. It was a challenge that he was placing before me. Can you handle this, will you stand up to what's coming with me? Did I mention this was two weeks before our wedding date? I should have known...but the work has been so worth it.

Today is Rebecca Lynn's birthday. She's already seventeen and so much a grand monument to our lives together. Seventeen years already! She is my first daughter, my first Goodman child, all blond curls and blue green eyes like the Caribbean, and dimples that dare you to smile bigger. She is my sunshine baby, a sign of the beginning of new and wondrous things. No dainty girl this one, she fights fiercely for those she holds dear and is not afraid to have a bold opinion. She stands and dares you to stand with her asking, "Are you strong enough to handle what life throws our way?" I look ahead to where she is destined to go and see bright and glorious things in store. Lots of work but so worth it!


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