If the Shoe Fits

Several months ago, my father in law offered a pair of boots to my son, Tony. He had bought the boots for a really good deal, but alas, they were too small for him, and just the right size for my son. However, my son being 19 and ever so style conscious, politely refused the shoes. Skip to this fall and the reinvention of my son as a college student and up and coming film maker. He is learning that on set it can get cold and wet and muddy and good boots would really come in handy. He asks some older students for recommendations on the type of boots he should get and they point him unanimously to a specific brand, Merrell. Did I mention that those are the exact type that Papa had offered and Tony had snubbed his nose at? Even with their hefty price tag they were not alluring until the need arose for them in Tony's life. Now he saw the error of his ways. He is not in a position financially to purchase said expensive "now cool" boots. The awesome thing is that Tony actually apologized for not accepting the boots in the first place. "Man, Papa, I really did a dumb thing not taking those boots, I'm really sorry, now I need them..." Lo and behold, Papa still has them in the box in his closet at home and they are now being appreciated by one very humbled college boy. Plus I'm pretty sure Papa got some satisfaction from being right all along.

So what's the point you say? Have you been offered some tools that don't seem to suit you at the present? Do you not see how this "gift" could possibly be of any use to you? Do you almost feel put upon by the offering, like who do you think I am to want/need that? Don't you see that's not my style? I know its just my size, but really how do you expect me to use it?

I know that I'm like that with God...I don't like where He has put me, what He's asking me to do. I don't want to wear this hat and that one and doesn't He know that its just too much? Accepting what He is offering now is so much better than waiting and realizing the fit that you overlooked or under-appreciated. Be humbled by Him now, and be prepared for what is to come instead of having to come back later and ask for what He tried to give you previously.


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