It Only Looks Easy

I know I wrote a few weeks ago about the perils of getting older. I'm still thinking along these lines and bear with me but I've come to a conclusion. Life doesn't get easier as you get older, the scenery just changes. I always thought that I'd hit a point where life would be an even keel, coasting along, Sunday afternoon drive kind of scenario. Nope, nada, wrong! Relationships keep you on your toes no matter what year you were born in. People still hurt your feelings and you put your foot in your mouth just as easily at 35 as at 15. Kids come to you as screaming demanding little bundles of joy and grow up to keep you awake at night just like they did as babies. My love for my children has grown, my love for my husband and family and friends has matured. However, I still mess up and hurt them. There are times I feel alone in a crowded room and being left out still stings. So with all that said and the end goal moving in focus from being some pie in the sky perfection, I think I can sit back and embrace this ever changing chameleon that I call my life. Carpe diem, you only live once, so live well.


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