That Awkward Moment When...

a ginormous wave is towering over your head and you have to decide if you're going to try to swim for it or dive into it. Either way you're gonna get slammed. Its happened to all of us who venture into the water. Your top gets ripped off, or you end up staggering out of the shallows with a wedgie and a mouth full of sand. But the thrill to waltz with the monster beyond your control is breathtaking. The power it wields to hold you under the water and spin you like a washing machine tub. The beauty of the ocean can only be experienced first hand. I love the water and the salt and the sand. I hate not being able to touch the bottom. I want the power to feel with my big toes just how far I can go out without losing control. You can play that game in a pool, avoiding big brothers and husbands who want to dunk you until you cry. But in the sea, all bets are off. Riptides and currents and jellyfish.

God is a lot like the ocean. Wade out to a comfortable depth, ride the waves, do frequent toe-depth checks and then He pulls you further, further, further. But God I can't feel the bottom anymore...exactly.


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