Why I Hate Toy Story 3

NO, no I'm not a boycotter of all things Pixar or Disney or make believe or what have you. I hate the movie not for its content or message but for the power it has over me. Now to be truthful I haven't actually sat through the entire movie. That's because I can't. It makes me cry and you know how I feel about crying in front of people aka my children. They'll think I'm a wuss or something. But really Toy Story 1 and 2 are wonderful movies, but not the dreaded 3! I can't even stand to hear it. Just today I walked through the living room where one of my children had it paused and even in stilled form I felt it begin.

Let's clarify here okay. Andy is Tony to me. They played together, packed up their toys together, and dagum went ahead and grew up on me. Just writing about it drives me to tears. Will this torture never end? The bittersweet torment of a mother who grew a man and now has to let him go. He's not quite gone yet and I won't bore you with the intricacies of my love for him and all he represents to me, just know that I mourn his wonderful metamorphosis quietly so as to not embarrass or alarm him. But dang I hate Toy Story 3.


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