Return from the Summer Sojourn

I know I haven't posted since something like February, but I thought the post title sounded more mysterious. Kind of like I had embarked upon a incredible journey sort of adventure, but for people. Maybe I have. All I know is a lot of emotions have been running around in my brain and I didn't want to be using the blog to just make me feel better. Plus, teaching this year really drained all my creative juices outside the classroom walls and enough of my explaining/complaining. I return now to remind you I'm still here...
So, this summer has been fun. Kids going here and there and me and Josh realizing that we have reached that age in which we enjoy our bed best. We are vehicularly impaired this summer and therefore would not take our entire brood to the beach, mountains, or frankly even to church in one vehicle. Pray with me that our mechanic will be released from whatever it is that is keeping him from dropping the brand new engine into my beloved Expedition.
I got to go to my first ever conference without kids this summer. Global Awakening had a prophetic school in PA and I stepped out and went with a couple of friends. Wow, I forgot how amazing it was to just be a girl. Not a mama, not a pastor's wife, just little ol' me. Thanks Kim and Kathy for letting me tag along. You guys are truly the bestest! Some really great things were opened up to me at the sessions, different and new things. It seems like that's what has been going on with Josh and I for the past three years or so. Things are coming into our line of sight that we probably would never have been opened up to before. While God is a unchanging God we as human vessels are learning more about him everyday. He's just that big, and awesome and multifaceted. As you get close to Him, the light hits just a little different and you notice something you never noticed before. My prayer is that it will always be that way for me, that I never get "grounded" in a particular way of seeing Him.


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