If you haven't already noticed through reading my blog or by knowing me personally, my family is a fruitful one. Not just me and my husband, but the in laws too. If you recall my last pregnancy I was sharing time with both my husband's sisters and my sister in law. Fast forward two years later and I'm the odd one out, here they go again. My sister this time and Josh's sisters again. We love babies, and our husbands of course. My kiddos gained two new cousins just this week two days apart. Jack Cohen and Gabriela Cricket. Beautiful babies, beautiful mamas, but this blog I wanna talk about something else, something generally passed over. The daddies, my brothers in law.

I love weddings and baby births. Two things I love to be a part of. But I'm the one not so much watching the bride or mama. I focus on the guy. It never ceases to amaze me. The look on his face when he sees his bride gliding slowly down the aisle or the glint of pride in his eyes while he's showing off his new little baby. This week as I was visiting the girls I just couldn't get away from the thought of what a true blessing a good man is. A daddy. So many people struggle through life without one. I am so glad that my children are surrounded by great men who love their wives and children.

Trey, Manny, Adam, Aaron, and Josh, thanks for holding our hands and reminding us to, "Just breathe, baby!"



Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and feel like the sun shining through your window is sparkling just for you? Morning commute prayer time is like kneeling before the throne of God and placing your requests at His feet personally? Smile on my face, pep in my step. You know what's coming next don't you? Slam, sucker punch right in the gut, air pulled from my lungs, trying not to let my lower lip quiver. What was that? Somebody tell me I just dreamed that and I'm gonna wake up in a second. Response time: cry, pray, cry some more, tell somebody what just happened, suck it up, move on. The ground just disappeared beneath my feet, but I'm gonna dig and scrape my way up the other side. No stopping this girl. Every set back is just another opportunity to implement the change step. The show must go on.


Abasement Stories

Paul learned to be abased and to abound and to be content in both places. I'm still learning. I struggle with entitlement. The inner dialogue begins, "God I've been working so hard for you...., so why did this happen to me???" Again and again and again. My great desire is a trendy prayer room in downtown Fayetteville, with the capacity to span the generations and the denominations. My present situation: a basement. Kind of ironic huh? God deals with me like this. College bound? Teen mom. Yearn for companionship? Learn to battle loneliness. Want an amazing marriage? Deal with this....first. Want to counsel others? Six kids...handle them with care. The hardship leads to the testimony leads to the victory. True victory is found in the telling. My story is what reminds me of His goodness, not my own. The deeper the descent the steeper the ascent. Abase me and abound me Lord.


Historic Downtown

I haven't always loved Fayetteville, but I have always loved its downtown. Even back in the day when Hay Street conjured up different images like Rick's and the Korean Lounge. If you have lived here for any amount of time, you know what I'm talking about. The night before our first daughter was born back in 1995, Josh and I were there walking up and down the streets admiring the faded beauty. We were ecstatic when things started being renovated and never cease to be astonished at the changes that have come. The pull to have a prayer house in the midst of the Market House has been on our hearts for a few years. So much potential, so much more to reach for. Intimacy and Fire, God's desire for His people in Fayetteville!


Return from the Summer Sojourn

I know I haven't posted since something like February, but I thought the post title sounded more mysterious. Kind of like I had embarked upon a incredible journey sort of adventure, but for people. Maybe I have. All I know is a lot of emotions have been running around in my brain and I didn't want to be using the blog to just make me feel better. Plus, teaching this year really drained all my creative juices outside the classroom walls and enough of my explaining/complaining. I return now to remind you I'm still here...
So, this summer has been fun. Kids going here and there and me and Josh realizing that we have reached that age in which we enjoy our bed best. We are vehicularly impaired this summer and therefore would not take our entire brood to the beach, mountains, or frankly even to church in one vehicle. Pray with me that our mechanic will be released from whatever it is that is keeping him from dropping the brand new engine into my beloved Expedition.
I got to go to my first ever conference without kids this summer. Global Awakening had a prophetic school in PA and I stepped out and went with a couple of friends. Wow, I forgot how amazing it was to just be a girl. Not a mama, not a pastor's wife, just little ol' me. Thanks Kim and Kathy for letting me tag along. You guys are truly the bestest! Some really great things were opened up to me at the sessions, different and new things. It seems like that's what has been going on with Josh and I for the past three years or so. Things are coming into our line of sight that we probably would never have been opened up to before. While God is a unchanging God we as human vessels are learning more about him everyday. He's just that big, and awesome and multifaceted. As you get close to Him, the light hits just a little different and you notice something you never noticed before. My prayer is that it will always be that way for me, that I never get "grounded" in a particular way of seeing Him.
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