Always Good...

Do I really believe that? I remember the pastor saying, "God is good" and the congregation would respond, "All the time!" and there were times that I doubted. When my whole world is turning around and around and the bottom drops out and I can't find my bearings. He's the one ripping off the covers and making me face those things that I've hidden from. Where is my belief that He's always good? Is He really always, always good? I can so quickly turn into the people of Israel and complain just like them. Did you deliver me from that, to kill me with is? Really how shallow, how ridiculous; that question doesn't even make sense. Where's the trust in that mode of thinking? In that perspective I'm essentially saying, "I'll handle this I just needed you for that, God." But what we fail to understand is that He is in everything, really, really. Look for the goodness, look for Him. He always gives us the grace to to go through with it. Success cannot be measured by our weak, human eyes. We can only attain it by pursuing Him and taking all that He gives us, not running from the bad, the difficult, the scary things and embracing the lovely and good only.


As always, beautiful words of wisdom. I naturally fight this concept. It's amazing how simple this is-but it's so hard to grasp when things get rough.

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