Two Days of Delays

If you don't have a child in the Cumberland County School system than you may not be aware of this, but this school week has been a complete bust. We had three days of snow, which as both a mother and a teacher I think it best to keep the kids at home, for their safety and the teacher's sanity. Mommy-me was ready to send my cabin-fever-ridden children off on any bus by Tuesday afternoon. The snow was starting to melt and just created a muddy mess for my kitchen floor to be tracked with. The kids had exhausted their imaginations, Wii, and Netflix. Walmart was a legitmate solution to this dilemma. When in doubt, head to Wally World; works like a charm. After one trip, we were all ready to come back home, snuggle by the fire and get along again.

Daddy came home from China late Wednesday night and school was delayed Thursday morning; which made for a leisurely morning in our house. School on the other hand was another force to be reckoned with. One hundred kiddos who had been stuck inside for three days, trying hard to defrost their brains long enough to learn something, while still not being able to play outside during recess due to the icy conditions on the jungle gym. Whew! Add more drama through a busted water main on Ramsey Road which cut water to 3/4 of PWC's customers and the CCS is back on the delayed list. I however, was in the dark about the ramifications of no water and my children's education correlation so I proceeded to drop my sophomore off at school. Much to her chagrine, there was not a soul there. Apparently, only 4 parents had not got the memo about school delays this morning and shuttled their offspring to school. My social bug daughter took her chance to avoid more quality time with her sisters at home and stayed at school until the rest of the student body arrived. That's dedication! The rest of us are lounging around watching Spongebob and sipping coffee. Did I mention there's no school on Monday for MLK Day?


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