Gratitude Journal and the Book of Job

So I heard somewhere recently how a person should never say that their troubles are akin to the trials of Job, and I agree. I told you all in my last post how I started reading that amazing book and to go along with it I began keeping a Gratitude Journal. Now, in this space of my life I really really need this to keep perspective. I complained and got tears in my eyes and all for my husband today, and asked him the age old question, "When is it bad enough?" Wanna know his answer? "Have you ever thought it was good?" Of course, I have, I'm just not as emotional or vocal at those times. So I keep writing about the little things and find myself in a situation similar to the victim of a disaster picking through the rubble to find something salvageable.

1. unexpected gifts delivered to my classroom by my first born.
2. the stillness of the house when its just me and God.
3. clear sky full of stars
4. daughter's quiet voice singing along with God-songs on the radio
5. pink clouds behind barren trees
6. quiet voices in the next room
7. early morning hugs from princesses
8. hearing the soft whisper of His voice even in the little things
9. Rob Thomas and White Merlot on the wine aisle
10. the silent invitation of a lamp
11. the quiet of early morning
12. big brother and little sister cuddled
13. apple fritters
14. garments replaced
15. new gallon of milk and a full tummy
16. instructions repeated (again)
17. a new church growing one person at a time
18. watching my husband, the pastor, find his bearings and climb up high
19. teenage sons who still kiss mama and daddy good night
20. waking up with arms around me
21. car to put gas in
22. job to go to
23. electricity and a portable heater
24. reading in context

I guess its not bad enough yet...


Jessica said…
I love you my dear sister in love.. I just read the last two installments of your blog and wow i'm loving your writing more and more.. I cant wait til you are done with this book so I can get my hands on it!
Anonymous said…
Your wisdom and insight are refreshing. I feel like I stumbled upon a hidden treasure in someone’s attic. I love the way you make my closet whining sound so poetic.

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