Eyes Wide Open

I love to read! My joy is found in reading those books that pop up at just the right time to bring correction, direction, focus, to what it is that I find myself struggling with. Over Christmas break I found this blog,

holy experience

and fell in love instantly. The daily blogs are beautiful, the pictures draw you in. We used the Jesse Tree Advent and the girls loved it too. As soon as our finances allowed I bought the book by the blog's author, Ann Voskamp.

The book is just as beautiful. It came to me last Wednesday, on the afternoon of a no-good, horrible, I don't-think-I can-take-much-more-of-this day. As I opened up our screen door to walk into the next phase of the beforementioned chaos, there the beautiful, brown Amazon box lay, at my feet, and even though I had expected it, it was still a gift, from God, to me. A such a time as this moment. So, I hurried through my before Core chores, and abandoned my husband to the burrito making. I ran a bath, because that's the only place in our house, where I can read and cry and pray all at the same time and nobody's gonna walk in on me. And so it began, me reading another girl's story which feels to me an awful lot like my own and I'm finding grace to plod on and redemption in her invitation to focus on the gift that life is. My life, no matter what comes, has God all over it, woven through, and I have to look around to find it each day. I'm loving it. Check it out!


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