Do you ever stop to reexamine your own motivations? I do, maybe too much. I am the extreme introvert, constantly looking inwardly. Lately, the Lord has really been dealing with me on my perspective and outlook. "Amber, do you ever think that maybe some of your disappointment is based on the fact that you feel entitled to that new outfit, manicure, date night, perfect child, compliment, etc?"

That's God talking, by the way. Now, maybe for you its something else. Life, hasn't been perfect or easy for any of us, now has it? We can all sit back and judge others, and based on what they have or the way they handle themselves determine whether or not we think they deserve it. But can we really be accurate judges of others motivations? The Bible says we need to not envy, not judge, work out our own salvation daily, be a servant to all. Those things all deal with entitlement, what we think we deserve. Remember, people of God, don't desire what others have, you don't know the price they had to pay, don't judge their motives, you haven't walked in their shoes, keep your eyes on your own struggles, help others with their's with a pure motivation.

The wages of our sin is death; that is what we all deserve, what we are all entitled to. But we don't often get caught up in that little quandry, do we? We somehow skip over that part and start giving God our list of reasons why we shouldn't have to put up with whatever it is we're dealing with at the moment. "But God, I've been faithful to you my whole life, I've never stolen anything, or cheated or lied, or acted like that person over there. Why do I have to go through this?" His answer is this, "Pick up your Cross and follow Me."

So, the next time your inner man starts bringing up what you deserve, remember Who it was that came down to earth and died a death that He didn't deserve, so that we, who truly deserved it, wouldn't have to.


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