Go Therefore and Make Disciples

Ok, so apparently my husband and I took this command of Jesus quite literally. It wasn't enough for us to be fruitful and multiply, we recognize that it was not enough to just "make babies." We gotta train them up, ya know. As a woman, when I married my husband, my focus changed from my future to our future. When we became parents, it was no longer just the two of us. Everything we did was tempered by the presence of a third wheel, if you will. What makes me think that church will be any different. So many of us think that church is all about us, when it really isn't. We don't come to church to be filled up, but to spill out on to others. Sunday isn't about being fed, but about joining hands with others and bringing in the nets. The modern church has a program for everybody, and don't get me wrong, it really is about discipleship, but for so long we've been fed this line about entitlement and self-esteem and prosperity. Those things lead us to believe that Jesus work on the cross was all about getting us right with him. But its so much more than that. Its about the change of focus from me to you. I'm no longer inward looking, but upward and then outward.


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