When the wind blows...

Wind is kinda funny. It can be calming and it can be frightening. A nice breeze can be refreshing, while at the same time a brisk gale can chill you to your core. I have a love/hate relationship with wind really. Growing up we lived in a house that the first time a wind blew I was certain the house was haunted. I actually convinced my little sister for like a minute. Alone in a house and suddenly you hear, "Woooooooo!" Oh yeah, it had to be ghosts. Then in middle school I had to walk to school and it was always windy. In the winter it made my ears hurt. No I didn't wear a hat because that would have flattened my hair, hello! When we were missionaries in the Dominican Republic, that breeze that came through my window every night when the electric fan wasn't working, was such a blessing. But overall I don't like wind. Wind blows stuff into my contacts, and it makes trees fall in my yard, and tornadoes and hurricanes, and on and on. Right now, it feels like the wind is never gonna stop. Just when I think I've got everything in hand, woosh! here it comes again turning the umbrella inside out. I'm tired of sailing against it, battening down the hatches and such. I'm just plain tuckered out and yet I know a man who talked to the storm. Peace, Be Still!


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