Guys, I always knew as I was growing up that one day, despite the fact that I was raised up in a society that puts so much stock into college and career and the like , that I would find myself completely fulfilled in sitting in my basement at 4 in the morning knitting and crying out to God on behalf of my generation. Ok so I'm being facetious, but I'm not lying or stretching the truth at all about finding completeness in the presence of God I find in my own home. He's been invited here to dwell with me and the cool thing is that He responded. If you haven't been to visit our little underground prayer house and you can ever find the time to do so, please do. Its cool beyond words. I thought God only hung out in the church building cuz that was the Lord's house and all but He actually makes house calls and even hangs out with me as I go about my business running here and there. When I was a very young girl I started getting a glimpse at God being outside the church walls and when I was a teenager I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that He walked with me to school and back every day. But it wasn't until very recently that I discovered that He likes hanging out in basements too. This shouldn't be much of a surprise since He sent the Holy Spirit to the Upper Room which I kind of suspect to be an attic of sorts. There really isn't anything quite like dragging yourself from the comfort of your warm cozy bed to seek the Lord in the still of the morning. He's always waiting for me whenever it is that I show up to look for me but its in the times that feel like a real stretch for me that it is even sweeter. Just sitting in His presence and allowing Him to speak to me and encourage me is something I cherish. The distractions are all gone and its just the two of us. Its tangible and its real and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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