Boys Will Be Boys

Tomorrow is Father's Day and Sunday, so I'm getting the jump on things today while I still have a second or two to myself. I'm down in the prayer room right now with Mr. Man and trying really hard to ignore the rumblings upstairs in my bedroom. I don't even want to think about what that big thud was... 

Yesterday we went to pick up my number 1 boy at the airport after his three week adventure in Germany. His sisters didn't even complain too much when I asked them to help me clean up his room and even got all dressed up to pick him up. I didn't reallize how much they had really missed him until then. And then I was all mush again. Every time I saw one of his updates on Facebook or read a tweet or talked to him on the phone or walked into his bedroom, it was there hovering. The inevitable. He's growing up and he's gonna leave me. Don't think I'm morbid, just hear me out. 
I got pregnant with Tony in High School and he changed my life completely. Everything was altered, but I paid the price and I've reaped the reward of an incredible gift, to raise this boy up. He has never stopped being a blessing to my life. I made some tough decisions in order to keep life right for us, he was my friend from the beginning, not just my kid. I kept his best interest in mind all the time. I thought there was no way that any guy would ever love me enough to actually love this little brown baby too. But I was wrong, so wrong. Just when I thought it would never happen, could never happen, God sent us a daddy, and not just an ordinary daddy,  the world's best. Tailor made for mommy and little man.Joshua walked into our lives and rescued us from the statistics. And it just exploded from there. Four sisters and one little brother later we are one great big happy family. God really knew what he was doing sending this man to raise up my boy. I love looking back and seeing God's hand in our lives. Watching as He reached down from heaven and took one broken dream and fashioned an entirely new thing that He could use for His Glory. Its been one extraordinary ride and I'm so blessed to have been given the opportunity to help shape this one life that God placed into my hands. I don't think I'll ever be ready to let him fly, but I know that he's been raised to face any challenge the world may hand him and with God's help and his daddy's advice he will overcome. Thank you Joshua for being such a great father and mentor to our boy, I love you.


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