Still Breathing

I know its been awhile since I posted last. Wow, alot has been going on though. With the church plant and all my children, and the husband that God blessed me with, I am so, so busy. It feels as if I've never really been not busy since I married this crazy tornado-like man and adopted his lifestyle like every good wife should. So much has transpired in the many, many weeks since I was last given the opportunity to sit down at a keyboard and look inwardly for a moment. Many blogs have graced my thought patterns but were never given the chance to make it onto cyberspace.

Computers have been sick at my house, including the macs, and it seems somewhat like a plague. My 15th anniversary came and we celebrated by running off to the beach together and had an awesome time sans children. We were blessed by a new truck that our whole family can fit in at the same time, legally. My Tony turned 17, and got his very first car and I'm feeling so grateful to have born and almost raised such an awesome testimony of God's goodness. Spring Break came and went and we all had a completely wonderful time working outside together.

I feel so very blessed in a very unexplainable way right now. I ran inside to grab a blanket for my baby yesterday in all the hubbub to get to church in a timely manner and was completely taken off guard by a wave of teary-eyed happiness. You know that kind that catches you in the throat and takes a moment to recover from? You can't really put it into words, its the kind of breathless excitement and joy that you felt when you found out he loved you, when you held your baby in your arms for the first time, when you've been working so hard and not really seeing alot to show for it and then all of the sudden...sigh. A glimmer of hope on the horizon, the stillness of morning and the hope it affords for a new and different day. The break in the storm. The sigh of relief when you can finally drift off to sleep and rest. Yeah, that's it. Just breathe deep for a moment and bask in His goodness. Ahh.


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