So I've been doing some thinking lately. After finding some really cool blogs that I am now following, my heart has once more been stirred. Some statements were made on these aforementioned blogs about how the church knows how to stand against something, but not how to stand for something. When you stand against something you are like a fortress. Steadfast and formidable but not taking any ground. Just standing still doesn't make you victorious, but it does make you a target. When you stand for something you move ahead, make progress. Action is involved, not just fighting off advances of the enemy but an invasion of the enemy on his turf.

Personally, I've always had a hard time finding what it is that I can stand for. I mean, I love God and seek to do His will always, but what do I stand for? What is my "Thing?" I can't seem to find it. I homeschool some of my kids, but I also have some in Christian school and have even *gasp* sent them to public school. I have loads of kids, but I don't have everything organized and under control. I'm married to a pastor, but I don't fit the stereotype. I think I've worked really hard not to fit into a category and now I'm out here uncategorized and feeling lost and alone. I've done well to figure out what I don't want to be, now we need to move on to who I do want to be and I'm getting too old for this reinvention of myself. It's too late to say Who am I? I am who God made me. Now if I could just figure out who that is...


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