Boys and Flowers

If you would have asked me years ago what gender of child I wanted I would have told you...boys, boys, boys. I babysat for a family that had four boys and I absolutely loved it. Now four girls into this thing I wouldn't trade them for anything. Their unique approaches to femininity teach me new things almost daily. However, I still love me some manchild and am sooooo glad that God finally gave me another to finish off my set. See, I know a lot about being a girl but boydom was a mysterious realm. I married a very masculine and yet sensitive man and I revel in the contradictions that those two characteristics display in our society. My man is a hopeless romantic and its amazing.

The cool thing is that somehow he's passed it on to our oldest. Yes ladies, I lost my next best valentine yesterday. There have been other women for him in the past and this is not where I place his hand into another's and quietly walk away. But, it is a milestone for us. He is beginning to look at the wooing of a woman's heart through the eyes of a man, not a boy. Part of me exults in the reality that he's been raised up to honor and adore the feminine heart, but the other part wants to seek out a quiet place and cry my eyes out, "Oh God, protect his fragile heart, don't let it be crushed to pieces by an uncaring girl." God answers me, "I think I've got this one covered, mama."


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