Sunday Without the Man

By "the man," I don't mean that intangible presence that we all refer to when we're feeling suppressed, I literally mean The Man, My man, more specifically. Yesterday, we all held church without him at the helm. Our very first month as a church, our very first service without the Pastor. I was pretty scared, yet intrigued at the same time. Being the pessimist I am, all I could think about were those girly services I had attended in the past. You know the ones, where all the women fill in the guy exclusive jobs, like ushering and such. Not to sound like a chauvinist or anything, but they always made me think of when my kids would cook me breakfast. Sweet thought, but lets get back to the way things are supposed to be. I hate it that I feel that way.

Now I think that there are jobs that us girls can do just as good as men or even better, but that doesn't mean we should. Traditional roles are what I'm all about, not because a man says a woman can't do the job, but because God made me for something specific. Being a mommy is specific, I can do things for my babies that daddy just can't and vice versa. Ministry is the same for me. However, there are times and situations that cause you to have to rise up and take a place that you aren't naturally inclined to. There are times in history when women had to step into masculine roles while the men were away, and they did it well. Yesterday was one of those days. Jess, a new hero of mine, was given last minute notice that her husband would not be leading worship the next morning. Did she shrink back, oh no! She may not have jumped at the chance, but she rose up and took her husband's place. Boy are we glad she did. Worship was amazing, the Word came forth powerfully, and overall things came off without a hitch. I'm pretty sure nobody went away saying, "I sure hope that pastor gets back soon."

I guess the point of all this is that each day I'm learning more and more about what it is that God has made me for. No, I'm not always good at it, no I don't always want to, and man I sure wish He would back off in certain areas. But all in all, I'm so honored to be living right here, right now, doing this thing, with all of you!


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