Snowstorm Pushes Fayetteville Churches Underground

Pretty silly I know, maybe I'm just young and stupid, but I really desire more of a challenge than a little ice to keep me from pursuing. Yeah, we can worship God at home and all and I'm not being critical of others. I just want to ask this, "What will I do when the stuff really hits the fan?" The disciples of Jesus were all for it until the Garden and some armed soldiers and their leader is under arrest and sentenced to death. They scattered, ran off, denied. Days later you find them together again and Jesus walks in the room. I'm really not comparing staying home from church during a snowstorm to this, it just makes me think that maybe I'm a little too comfortable. I want to be ready for the unexpected even when it comes in the form of bad weather. We made the decision to go ahead and have church this Sunday and it kept us awake last night. It was a tough decision and not everybody showed up, but a lot did. We had our first communion together and the first potluck of the new year, and we worshipped and praised and had a great time! Here's to you, Pursuit, you guys rock!


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