He's Coming Back!

As we speak, my house is about as clean as it can get at any particular time during these years of childbearing and rearing. Oh the joys of picking up the same room over and over after tiny hands have pulled out the toys one more time or spilled popcorn all over the couch. Don't even mention the pile of shoes that are always left in mismatched pairs by the front door, or back door, or side door. The point is that the cleaning of the castle goes on standby when dad goes out of town for any extended period of time. He doesn't realize this, but we let just about everything go, because its really all for him anyway. Instead of homemade chili and cornbread, we may eat fish sticks and tater tots for dinner. Laundry is done but left in a pile as we use it. Dishes may be handled the same way.

Oh, we have a little relaxation from the chores, but its almost not worth it for the amount of cleaning we do to catch up and bring the house back to "dad" status. The excitement of his return almost blurs the weariness of preparing for it. The thing is it wouldn't be so hard if we had just kept things up while he was gone. The excitement would still be there, and we'd still be running around making sure things were perfect, but we wouldn't be so worried about things not getting done.

This morning I was thinking about this in reference to Jesus' return for His Bride. Wow, the excitement! But hey, we don't even know when the wedding day is. How are we supposed to be ready? Hmmmm. Maybe we should always be ready. No leaving things for another day, or letting things pile up. Get your chores done as they come and you won't be caught wearing you pajamas when your bridegroom shows up.


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