Wanted: Dead or Alive

My New Year's Resolution Blog, how am I doing?

Maybe its the new year, maybe its not, but I have felt a real renewal of purpose in my life. Last year was an amazing journey with God and my family. So much was learned about His nature and my former opinions of Him were all challenged. What I have really been thinking about lately are those things that I really really hate about me. I know that sounds so trite, but its true. People close to me say that I am really demanding, both on myself and others and I have to agree. I spent last year examining alot of my actions and coming up short in the acceptance department. What are my true motivations? What really makes me tick?
I could make an extensive list of all the things I want to change about me, but God has a completely different idea. How about if I let him do the changing in me? He knows better what needs to go and what needs to stay. This year is going to be a year of transformation, but I don't think its going to be how we imagine. God wants to work on every facet of those He loves. Inside, outside, thoughts, perceptions, everything. We may find out that those things we really hate about ourselves, those things we keep trying to change are really what make us-us. I'm not talking about sin here. I'm talking about our natural tendencies and inclinations, that need to have some tweaking from the Creator. Stupid example, I know but recently I watched the movie Wanted. In that movie, the main character had some parts of his personality that he just couldn't accept. He tried medication, distraction, everything. He just tried to fit in, but he found out that he had a particular DNA that made him special, and he learned how to take full advantage of those characteristics that had been a hindrance to him before. He didn't just accept who he was, he embraced it and learned to excel at what he was born to do. Stop there. You were born into God's kingdom with special characteristics. God made you who you are and only He can see your true potential. He doesn't desire for you to be less and He definitely does not want for you to be content in and of yourself. You are call by Him. Wanted...not dead, but alive in His purposes. find your voice, stretch your wings, allow God to train you and to call you from the place you are right now. Leave your old life behind and follow after him. If you are feeling discontent and hollow, jump into the flow of what God is doing in your life, submit to His will. His life is more than just living, its the adventure that you were made for.


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