When God restores you He does a much better job than you can even imagine possible. There have been so many times in my life that harsh things have come at me and I have lost precious things. I never believed that God would be able to give them back to me least of all restore them to even greater splendor. My mom always told me that when I was little and I would get hurt I would hide my boo boos from her. I would cover them up and pretend that they weren't even there. I remember being so afraid of showing her my owies because she would want to check it out and maybe clean it or spray bactine on it.

As an adult I do the same thing with God. I hide my pain even from Him. I run from His cleansing power. Whether the pain was self-inflicted or brought on by someone else my response remains the same, "I can handle this on my own, I don't need your help." Yet as I draw near to God I realize that if my wounds are allowed to heal on their own sometimes they don't heal correctly. There is still some dirt in there or the bone isn't set right. That can lead to infection or lameness. The scouring that God gives to our wounds is so necessary, and Jesus is the balm of Gilead. Anything that He requires from us, He will give back and in even greater abundance than before.

It is so hard for us to understand that simple concept. He doesn't want to take from us for no reason. He wants to give so much to us, but we have to be willing to let Him in to our hearts and clean house. His system is so superior to our thinking and comprehension that it boggles our minds. Where else could I bring my broken dirty tattered life and receive love, mercy, and understanding, even acceptance? The life of a King's daughter in exchange for the life of a beggar on the streets. God loves us more than we can even begin to grab a hold of, so don't even try. Let Him wrap you in His love, no holds barred.


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