I love Fall. It is without a doubt my most favorite season. The cool weather, the gorgeous colors, apple cider and pumpkins. Yes! So with all that said I absolutely love taking our kiddos to the pumpkin patch. Its a memory that I have held dear from my younger days and one that I am so glad I can pass on to my own children. I love it that it never gets old for them. So the older ones don't want to ride on the hay ride with the same gusto they used to, but they don't try to get out of the trip either. This is the one time of year (besides the 4th of July) that I go out and by them special holiday shirts and hair ribbons and such. We all trek to the local farm to check out the animals, ride the wagon, and return with our treasured pumpkins. I love making memories with my babies. Family is awesome.


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