Modern Convenience

My microwave is on the fritz. A couple of weeks ago, I asked one of my girls to clean it and somehow she managed to break the door. Those of you that know my children personally may be able to figure out who the perpetrator of said crime is, but don't hold it against her okay? So my husband in an attempt to fix the door, blew a fuse, (stop laughing) which he replaced, but now it lights up but won't cook anything. It seems there's a little safety precaution worked into the design of my microwave that will not allow it to send out the waves when the door is not closed all the way. It looks closed and even lights up, spins the turntable and makes cooking like sounds. But alas, no heat. So now we are resigned to reheating our food on the stovetop. Gasp!

Being the weirdo I am, this whole fiasco got me thinking about how much we take common things for granted. You know my son actually asked me how we made it before microwaves. I remember we made it just fine and didn't even know what we were missing. I reminded him that we lived in Haiti for a whole year without a microwave, or a refrigerator, or washing machine, or hot water, or a flushing toilet, you get the picture. Its funny how we go along just fine until something is taken away from us, even something small like say, cable television. I was actually talking to my husband about getting rid of ours and then the construction crew next door accidentally cut it. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was sit around and watch CSI all day.

What is it with me? Its the little things that get under my skin and don't think about taking something away from me that I think I'm entitled to. I mean this is America, I deserve and expect air conditioning, internet, and a comfortable chair at church. Yet with this attitude I come to the Lord as well. "God, I deserve this prayer to be answered, I mean I do so much for you. But please don't ask for me to put myself out there for your use, its too uncomfortable for me."


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