Keepin' It in Check

Sorry that I didn't keep up my new habit of posting daily yesterday. I was kinda caught up in the whole mommy-new baby thing and couldn't find the time. Ah, plus I had an appointment, and my husband was on the internet when I had some ideas to post, and my kids had homework, and laundry had to be done, and we had company for dinner and a counseling appointment as well. Wow, did I even get any sleep last night?

These are supposed to be my down days, you know postpartum six weeks. Sleeping when the baby sleeps and such. That has never been a luxury I could afford. When there was only one, I relished my quiet time. Then two and three and four and so on and there was no napping because there was always another baby or two to care for and prevent from creating too much mayhem while the baby slept. So, I'm doing my best to create a restful atmosphere for myself during this time instead. Trying hard to not condemn myself for not cleaning everything that has been neglected over the past six months while I was either on bed rest or just too darn big to be able to manage it. Don't get me wrong the house is not in danger of being unsanitary or anything, its just not up to my standards. So I force myself to look the other way, and try to sneak a nap in the recliner.

Life is just too hectic and it never really stops being that way. When times come around that I have an excuse for sitting out from the rat race, I'm gonna take 'em. God's okay with this. He instructs us weekly to take time and sit it out. Otherwise known as the Sabbath Day. He also allots times for just delivered mommies to get to rest and rejuvenate. Those times of "uncleanness" mentioned in the Bible are actually for our benefit. We don't have to entertain, go out, go to church, "minister unto our husbands" and such things during that time. I know some of you are shuddering out there. But hey, I'm good with it. Let me be a recluse for a little while. It allows me more time to spend with my brand new little guy, quiet time with the Lord is more forthcoming, and sometimes I can even snatch a little alone time with the man of my dreams as well. Don't neglect the rest that your God commands. It really is for your best interests.


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