Its Not a Job, Its an Adventure

My husband and I almost never fight. Now before you go jumping to conclusions about how our relationship must be unhealthy, let me explain. I'm married to an extremely easy going guy. You have to run over his dog on purpose to get him mad. My personality is a little different and I must add that most of our arguments are over my unhappiness, not his. Over our years together, he's really gotten to know me well and I'm probably really spoiled.

Anyways, such was not the case earlier this week. Some things occurred, in my husband's mind probably just short of my running over his dog on purpose, and we had a fight. Nothing big, just two unhappy people talking to each other in short direct sentences with a stern tone attached. He went off to do his thing and I stayed home and made sure I was in bed before he got home. No discussion later, no return to the subject, but definitely not back to our old jolly selves. However, what I think is truly amazing about this man God blessed me with is that even though I know he still thinks he's right and I'm wrong, he loves me anyway. He shows me in trivial ways like pouring my coffee and making it just the way I like it. Picking up things that he knows I love like sweet pickles and croissants and mint chocolate biscotti. I show him by picking up his messes and organizing his schedule and texting him so he won't forget appointments. Stupid stuff that maybe nobody else cares about, but these are the things that make us just that, us.

Its not just me and its not just him, its us, together. We've been together long enough to know exactly what makes each other tick and yeah, maybe we don't have to sit down and hash out the ways that I hurt him and the ways he hurt me during that last fight. We take the complaints on both sides and think I'll adjust, you'll adjust and let's keep on going. Love is work, its a daily decision to keep on with someone who's just a human being, complete with flaws. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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