Gone Fishin'

So Jesus had been one on one with these guys for 3 and a half years, they saw him perform miracles. Not just praying for people and them going out in the Spirit, but real miraculous invasions of people's bodies and minds! Feeding the five thousand, blind eyes seeing, crippled legs walking, oppressed minds freed, dead raised to life. Wow what a life altering experience. Jesus had walked up to each one of these men and called them out of their ordinary planned out life, asking them to walk away from everything that was comfortable to them and follow him. They didn't even know him, they just knew there was something about him that made them want to go. They followed him through everything and began to believe that he was the one and only, they loved him. But when put to the test they all scattered, ran away. Peter even lied about ever even knowing him. Jesus died an excruciating death and was buried. They thought their hopes and dreams were dashed. He even reappeared to them and proved his miraculous resurrection. But when all was said and done Peter went back to what he knew, fishing.

I've heard many sermons on this action, but I don't judge Peter. I understand. God has never been more real and present in my life until recently. It seems that he has been speaking to me everyday, performing the miraculous in my life. It's amazing. But when the dust settles, I'm still here life still comes up at me. Where is the power that I see from God in my own hands? Where do I go from here Lord? You know Peter was sitting out there in his little fishing boat wondering the same thing, now what? Wonderful and awesome miracles Jesus but what now? The fish aren't even biting so I guess I'm useless at what I know how to do too. What can become of my life now that I am no longer satisfied with what I used to know but I don't know how to walk in what you have shown me? I just can't go back to the former because I am not the same I have been forever changed just by knowing you. You've messed up my life Jesus what can I be good for now?

But just at that moment, Jesus shows up and brings the fish with him. He tells the guys to put the net on the other side of the boat and the fish are practically jumping inside. Funny thing though, when Peter sees Jesus he doesn't care about the fish anymore he jumps out of the boat and runs to him. Jesus! Jesus! I don't want it to be like this I can't live like an ordinary person anymore, I have to live for you. Show me how show me what you have for me to do!


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