Well little man has made a successful entrance into our insanity riddled abode. He has navigated through two weeks without even a hiccup. The closest call he encountered has definitely been Emari's repeated attempts to feed him with her baby bottle.

Eat this and like it!

He's a really good baby. Only cries when there's an issue, like hunger or diaper attention needed. He doesn't even spit up, he just wants to eat and snuggle. I love it. He reminds me alot of his big brother in his temperament and makes me once again realize how great God is in his placement of children in our home. I promise you Tony was an amazing baby, I know he'd love to know that I'm relaying that to the internet world.

The Bambino-Back in the good ol' days.

When Rebecca was born she was a little more difficult, not bad, she just got into things and made fun messes for me to pick up. She's still like that by the way.

The Boo sportin' a bikini.

Serena made me wonder if I really wanted to ever have any more children or even babysit other's children. Oh my gosh, she was a handful. Always eating or crying or throwing up. Repeat cycle.

Serena asleep-mommy and daddy's only time of rest.

Then Taylor in her mellowness redeemed the world of babies to me.

Who could resist those eyes?

Emari has a little of Serena's personality but not with all the messy results. She gets into things, but apologizes afterwards.

Marzipan looking alot like her little brother. She did have brown hair!

Now Zion, he's all sweetness and light to a mommy who's ready to throw in the proverbial towel of babymaking to move on to an even greater challenge of babyraising. Phew!

Little Man.


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