From the Womb

Its been quite awhile since I posted. I have this hang up about not writing unless I'm inspired and let's just say I've been extremely uninspired to put down any of my thoughts. They have mainly stayed in the area of, "Is this pregnancy ever gonna be over?!!!" and nobody anywhere wants to read my depressing hormone induced rants. However, this morning there seems to be a lull and my heart and brain simultaneously came out of the fog long enough to compose a sharable thought. I've been reading in Isaiah for my daily devotions and was really stirred this morning as in every portion I read the Lord referred to His having called people from the womb. Now I know I may be a little more sensitive to this idea since I'm carrying a little person in my belly right now, but the thought hit me like a ton of bricks. His story has been written, preordained, if you will. I'm not saying there is no free choice, what I am saying is I sure hope he's up to the challenge. Paul encouraged us to live a life worthy of the calling. I imagine in my mind that we're all walking around with invisible titles over our heads, "revolutionary," "pastor," "president." These are our callings, but what do we really do with our lives? Are we living up to what God has in mind for us? His thoughts are limitless and nothing is impossible with Him. What dreams did you have before that you have let fall to the wayside? And while we're at it, these kids He gave me, am I helping them to see what He destined them to be? Or am I just biding time until they're grown up and discover it for themselves? Children are a gift from the Lord, but not just to their parents. I need to remember when I'm getting weary from the responsibility just what hangs in the balance. Both in my own race and as I coach my children in each of their own races.


Jessica Howerton said…
Thanks I needed this one.. especially today!!
barbara said…
i also don't want to speak until it is worth saying

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