No Mo' Status Quo

Have you ever listened to someone who put into words what you were going through? Last night I watched the conference that my kids and husband are at right now. Damon Thompson was preaching and I always love to hear what God is giving to him, but wow. He talked about how God is raising a generation of people who are made to do things differently in the kingdom of God. They are the ones who are not content with the way things are right now. They are creative and called, but they must be careful to make sure they keep covenant with their God. Otherwise, their uniqueness is nothing. Since early last year I've been feeling this restlessness in my spirit that things just have to change. Lately I've really found myself struggling with the idea that maybe my feelings were just of a rebellious nature. I love it when God responds to your heart's cry and directs you in the way to go. The message last night was a prodding on for me that I'm not feeling wrong things, I just need to keep my hand in His. I know that there are so many out there that God is raising up to shake the foundations of religion and Christianity. However, we must remember to honor the work of those who have gone before us and prepared the way as God directed them. Without them we would not be poised where we are today.


Brooks said…
That's awesome what you blogged, because between what Damon said, and then the statement about a rebellious nature - I too had been feeling the same. A few weeks ago I picked up this awesome daily devotional that was written for the "rebel generation." The devotional is designed to encourage those that just aren't about flowing with the status quo. For the generation that feels destined to go against the grain in a way that's never happen before in the history of man. And, you know what.... Damon, you, others.... you're all on to something; and the enemy flat out knows it.

That's why there is so much stirring -- so much warring in the spiritual. When this generation is done, the world will never be the same, and neither will the spiritual realm.

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