Love of Your Life

This Sunday I found myself listening to one of my all time favorite preachers, my husband. Now I know I'm a little biased, but you see I've had the unique privilege of watching this particular man of God develop his gifts over the years. My point in all of this is that as I sat there this last Sunday and listened to him preach, I began to think back over our years together. The very first time I held his hand it was actually in youth group during prayer, not on a date or anything and I somehow new that it was right. That was all before he ever asked me out. Love is so intense to start out and your whole world is about spending as much time as you can with that person. You make plans together and you begin your life as a couple. Time goes by and life just moves on. Pretty soon you find yourselves knowing each other so well, but just maintaining life. Love does not cool, but its business as usual. You know his favorite foods, he knows what movies you like, but when you really stop and think about it when was the last time you just enjoyed being together doing nothing. Is it even possible anymore or must you talk or plan or whatever? I love it when I just stop and bask in the time I have with my husband. All that we've withstood together, all that's ahead of us just melts away and its the "now". I realize that its the same way with the lover of my soul, Jesus. How much time do I spend asking Him for things, or telling Him about my problems? All the while its so rich to just spend time with Him. When I stop and just rest my spirit, I walk away from my time with Him so much more fulfilled. And when its all said and done as much as I like to think that my Joshua is the love of my life, Jesus has more of a claim on that title than anyone can. He has always known me and loved me, even before I knew He existed. Now that's the love of a lifetime.


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