Things I learned this week...From my kids

1. Listen to your kids.

My usually sensitive child, and the one who holds his tongue unless he feels its absolutely necessary, told me I was mean. He later also told me I needed to chill out and sit on the couch for a minute after I went on a rampage yelling at everyone within earshot. Man, I hate it when he takes his role as "man of the house while dad's gone" seriously.

2. The American dream is a hoax.

After spending months looking for a house large enough for our family, yet within our price range, I realize that all we really needed was a kitchen, bathroom and living area. Presently, these children, who according to our society's standards are to have a bedroom and a bed of their own to be properly cared for are camping out in the living room floor. They also really hate taking baths, brushing their teeth or otherwise utilizing the extra bathroom Dad and I purchased for them upstairs. They prefer to use mine especially if I am in it.

3. Don't hesitate to question the establishment.

While shopping for Teacher Appreciation gifts yesterday with my girls, Serena my rebel, dared to ask this question, "Mom, aren't we supposed to be picking out the gifts, I mean I didn't know you had a teacher at the school." I of course promptly reminded her that unless she was paying for it, I would have the say in what we purchased, but we did strike a bargain after that. Candy, instead of lame notecards.

4. Perception is everything.

I like to call my children silly pet names and the other day I referred to Emari as my little peanut. She corrected me and told me, "I not peanut, I Mari." Then she wasn't my baby girl, she was a kid. Today she varies from a goose, to a cat, to a rabbit, but never what I call her. She chooses who she is. Gotta love it.

5. Pray whenever you get the chance.

Taylor is our resident intercessor. I mean that girl prays, and she likes to really carry on at the dinner table when we are all famished. Dad and I can't tell her no, but she prays for everything but the food. And if you peek at her she will not be bowing her head, but looking around to make sure that everyone is in agreement and that she is remembering to pray for each one. The other day she even prayed for the people who need salvation, all before eating a bite.


Brooks said…
Kids are cool that way. They're honest and to the point. And as far as they are concerned, they say it with total love.

I don't have any kids, but I have several god-kids, and I've learned by being around them that sometimes the phrase "wisdom comes with age," can't always be naturally interpreted in the way us adults like to do so.

Awesome blog, by the way. AND... it's a little early, but.. Happy Mother's Day!

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