Take It Easy

Resting is really difficult work for me. I'm the type of person who wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic remembering things that I forgot to do the day before. Even as I lay on my couch in the living room seemingly wiling away the hours, my mind is frantically making lists of all that I could and should be doing. Internal dialogue session:
"How can I finally tackle unpacking the remaining boxes in the garage? Steps to completion: #1 Have Josh bring said boxes into living room. #2 Begin unpacking. #3 Have girls put things away. Siren goes off. Brain reminds body: You're supposed to be resting and it won't be as easy as all that. The girls will just take things into other rooms or closets and make enormous piles of the things you just unpacked. Resolution: Don't even go there, you've lived without the stuff for the past two months, it can stay where its at for now."
And then I'm right back where I started, bored as all get out and wishing I could do something productive with my life. Oh yeah, I am...I'm making a baby. Hah!


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