It is beautiful outside today. Being stuck inside is even more unbearable when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and it seems like all of the outdoors is beckoning you by name. This week was by far the most depressing . Between everyone that I know and belong to being so busy, and my overactive pregnant hormones, I was weeping over everything. Commercials were making me teary eyed. Today however is a completely different day. My oldest and youngest daughters are my companions and boy do they help pass the time. Becca really wants to spend the night at her friends house tonight so she is doing every little thing I ask her without complaint! Emari has sat by me all day, except for when she gave in to a short nap. She tried to convince me that monsters were coming to get us on the couch (that's her newest make-believe scenario). She even went so far as to go in the other room from which she promptly ran back to me yelling that monsters were coming and she even made monster sounds to prove it. Now that's entertainment. A bedridden mommy can almost make it with distractions like that, even if there is the threat of "Monsters gonna get me!" Bring it on.


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