Don't Worry...Be Happy

I am a worrier, no doubt about that one. I don't know what it stems from, but a characteristic of my personality it remains. During my entire two week bed rest time, my husband has labored to get me to relax and let him handle things. Hah, is it really possible for any conscious mother to do that? Not only is it difficult to let go, it is so hard to trust your husband with the things that you know mommy does best. What if he forgets the baby? What if the girls don't take a bath for a week? Did he pack their lunches? So as the days go by and so many, many events stack up against the defense of my quiet time, my resolve really began to ebb away. I don't know about other girls but I have never been a crying type of person, my emotional outbursts come after much, much buildup of stress, pain, or disappointment. A few days ago I began realizing that I really needed to sit down and have a really good cry to cleanse all that out, ya know. I will spare you all the details, but realize my tears were brought on by stupid, stupid things, that I could just lay back and let my husband navigate through, but that is just not my nature. What's a mom to do? Today, I go back to the ob-gyn to get the verdict on my return to normal life, and I hope the doctor says I can. There is just no point of worrying without the possibility of action. I want to think about the possible outcome of a situation and have the ability to step in and make a difference. Maybe that's what God means when He says we shouldn't worry about anything. As humans we want to know that we have control, but He wants us to just rest in knowing that He has things in His very capable hands.


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